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Our program provides the framework for developing excellent development skill so you are prepared for the future. We prepare you for success. We encourage each of you to achieve the highest standards, performance, understanding and professional demeanor.

Through our programs and services we reduce the rate of recidivism, as well as provide an outlet for education and community service. We’ve enhanced our program to reduce future use of drug and illegal & illegal driving

Reinstate your license today starting with $99 consulting fee which covers research data on driver’s license numbers, driving records – history, surcharge accounts, warrants outstanding warrants, and suspension notices.

Consultation is mandatory in order to ensure successful reinstatement process of driver’s license and weather other services are needed.

It is our goal that by informing the public about the dangers of operating a vehicle without a license. Buying and purchasing without a good credit score. We can help prevent thousands of people from falling victim to arrests & high interest rates at the time of purchase, denial of apartments or job placement as a result of invalid driver’s license.

Our Programs

Occupational Driver’s License

If your driver’s license is suspended, expired, cancelled or revoked, let us help you get back on the road legally as soon as possible. If you are stopped while your driver’s license is suspended, you risk an arrest or ticket for driving while license invalid or suspended,

Driver & Surcharge Education

The Driver Responsibility Program (Surcharge Program) establishes a system that authorizes the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to assess surcharges to an individual based on

Community Service Program

Where can I complete Community Service? Currently 1 Fox 2 Production is a non – profit organization and can offers assistance to almost anyone in need of Community Service, We currently serve Texas & Iowa Courts.

Consult Ed

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