DRIVING Reinstatement

DRIVING Reinstatement

This program comprises resources that help identify compliance and enforcement actions of a suspended driver from DPS, then refer them to a network of affordable providers offering volunteerism pro – bono to help meet the requirements to make them eligible to reinstate their suspended license. Because of legal advice on citations, this programs successfully served over 2500 illegal drivers who were initially facing jail time, additional suspensions caused by self – representation using alternative resources within our network, residential housing, safety responsibility (SR – 22) insurance, and online defensive driving and DPS Exam. clients may not otherwise use. This is an accomplishment because the program has operated absent of any local funding and sustained through program fees while offering many services for fee.


What is SR-22 insurance? Every state requires licensed drivers who own a vehicle to carry auto liability insurance with minimum required levels of bodily injury and property damage coverage if accident occurs. A driver whose license has been suspended or revoked must file an SR-22 insurance certificate with their state department of motor vehicles for their driving privileges to be reinstated during their period of license suspension. After license reinstatement, most states require to the SR – 22 Insurance in effect for 1-3 years without lapse or cancellation.  http://www.ultracarinsurance.com


75% of drivers still drive promote the safety of interlock with Occupational license

An occupational license, also called an essential need license, is a special type of restricted license issued to individuals whose driver license has been suspended, revoked or denied for certain offenses other than medical or delinquent child support. An occupational license authorizes the operation of a non-commercial motor vehicle about an individual’s:

  • Work
  • School-related activities
  • Performance of essential household duties

15 Hour DOEP – Drug offender

Drug Offender Education Program

Texas Transportation Code (formerly Article 6687b, Section 24B, Texas Civil Statutes) states that persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony drug offenses will automatically have their licenses suspended for six months. Failure to complete this standardize 15-hour program in length, will cause the license being suspended, revoked indefinitely until class is completed. To have their license reinstated, they must attend and complete an education class.

12 HouRs DWI

Article 42.12, Section l3(h) Code of Criminal Procedure requires persons convicted of first offense DWI and receiving probation, to attend and complete an educational program certified by the department. Failure to complete the program within l80 days (unless an extension was granted) from the date probation was granted will cause the offender’s license being revoked. Failure to complete the standardized program 12 hours in length. Our programs increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs as this substance relate to driving skills. and to assist them in developing plans which will reduce the probability of future DWI behaviors.

Controversial Surcharges #1 Reason Drivers are Suspended

The Driver Responsibility Program

(Surcharge Program)

The Driver Responsibility Program (Surcharge Program) establishes a system that Individuals are notified by mail each time a surcharge is added to their driver record. Surcharges are in addition to other fees and do not replace a suspension, revocation, denial, disqualification or cancellation resulting from the same conviction.

Surcharges are assessed in two ways:

  1. Point System
  2. Conviction Based

Where can I Check to see if I have them?

Reduce your own surcharges

  • Municipal Services Bureau
  • Texas DPS 512 424-2600
  • 1-800-713-2332
  • www.texasdrivingresponsbilitysurchargeprogram.com

Online DPS exam & defensive Driving safety course

1-2-3 Driving School, a Plano, Texas State-Certified Driving School of 17 years, presents Texas Adult Drivers Education.com. We know what the Texas Department of Public Safety wants and we give you all the secrets. Follow us to your driver’s license! Going through this course will feel like it takes no time but other courses with their reading and complicated instruction can take much longer to finish, wasting your valuable time in the process by having to repeat parts of the course just because you missed one question. This is the course the State requires everyone to take. Even if you’re new to Texas, born in another country, or over 25 and have never had a driver’s license, we are approved by TEA to teach you too! Our course includes video lessons, custom-created animations, engaging audio, and easy-to-understand questions.

With Texasadult drivers Education proven, easy-to-understand course and competitive prices

you can’t help but be a driver!


Services is a subordinae of Born Again Ministries not for profit organizatoin in 2000, that provide invaluable community services, such as vocational training, drug intervention classes, temporary shelter for displaced ex- offenders and more. Besides our community service activities, we have regular meetings and activities at our location, so our members can join and plan new goals for the future. Regeneration houses provide acceptance letters to help your love one come home. https://youtu.be/IKCf95oZn8Q

Community Service

We serve the community through our programs in by Providing CSR workers outlet for completion of Court Approved community service for restitution of citations as an alternative to jail or other negative consequences.

DWI Awareness

Every 28 Minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver. Know your facts. DWI – offenders increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs as these substances relate to driving skills, to identify their own individual drinking/drug use and driving patterns, and to assist them in developing plans which will reduce the probability of future DWI behavior.


Because of our outreach 70% of drivers because of our programs will have learned of resources that increased awareness to maintain a valid license that will make our roads safer from the clients who once endanger our lives, aligning with our mission related purpose

Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral Centers (1F2P) may be the first point of contact for those seeking substance abuse services and iformation may qualify based on needs regardless of ablity to pay.

Each year 1 Fox 2 Productions allows on – site offenders to complete CSR hours in for restitiution of fines and fees. These are generally accomplished through promoting public awareness for DWI programs, fundraising and binding drug and alcohol workbooks.

Each year 1 Fox 2 Productions publishes and dissminates 10,000 Brochures to rasie public awareness on Drunk driving, alternatives to drunk driving and associated with drunk driving.



Consultation. Reinstatement plan gets you on the road again. Avoid being arrested. This report Comprises of data research of tickets, warrants, administrative, fees, mandatory suspensions, archived collections that are not available to client. Enforcement action from either court or DPS to assist them in developing plans which meet the requirements to reinstate a suspended license. Comprises of data research of tickets, warrants, administrative, fees, mandatory suspensions, archived collections that are not available to client.