About Us

1 Fox 2 Productions

(1F2P), a charitable, tax exempt 501c3 corporation, founded in 2007 by Jackie Harrington, who foundedjackiepink the company while pursuing her degree in Music Management at Austin Community College.

In 2013 1 Fox 2 production recognized the critical need of the community to reduce the number of illegal drivers, and provide processing & education or the driving responsibility program discovered through her outreach program.

As a result, founder introduced Consult Ed, to develop additional substance abuse education programs & provide economic opportunities for other instructors in Travis County.

Harrington has an impressive background & Educated in Commercial Music Management, Recording Artist, Child Care provider, and now a licensed LCDC instructor, DWI instructor, MIP instructor.

She is a Notary Public, certified first aid & CPR, and medical assisting.

She Teaches curriculum that contains information on the following topics: societal values related to alcohol consumption by minors, the influence of alcohol advertising on young people, the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol upon young people.

The programs were certified for are through the state of Texas, which is also a requirement from DPS must be state approved curriculum since there are several programs. The educational programs will satisfy both the counseling and education which covers substance abuse, from the courts as well as satisfy compliance Texas department of public safety. In addition the classes are offered as prevention and intervention to those who have substance abuse issues who haven’t yet received a drug related offense.